May 10 2012

Se os Vingadores estivessem em um RPG

O pior é que o time até que se saiu bem, mesmo sem um White Mage pra cura


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  1. Gaiato

    Em um MMORPG, né?

  2. Stealky

    white mage??? cara RPG de mesa nao tem white mage essas classes sao de RPG de mesa. Essa nova geraçao sabe nada mesmo

  3. Aymen

    1. You’re not alone. I constantly freak out about who would take care of J if anhtniyg happened to me. His father isn’t even a good option. My will names my sister as his guardian, but that’s because its really my only option she’s still in graduate school and unemployed, and not always the best option, but really my only option. Plus he at least has a relationship with her and loves her to death.2. I would gladly review matchmaking questions, especially since I seem to be forever-single.

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